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Plastics News - Toy Storage Buckets

March 28, 2012 at 1:46 PM

One of the more interesting domestic uses for plastic buckets we've seen recently is as a novel and attractive (yes attractive!) way of storing toys - a bucket pyramid no less. It consists of ten plastic buckets laid out as four buckets across the bottom as the base unit, three above followed by two and then the final bucket as the apex. The difference with this pyramid compared to what you may be visualising, is that all buckets are laid on their side to give easy access to the stored toys in each bucket, rather than one on top of each other 'upright'.

To get a better idea check this picture of professionally made bucket pyramid that was selling for $300 in the US.

If you fancy one for your home and don't fancy shelling out this extortionate amount, why not have a go making one?

Before starting you need:

1.  A drill and a drill bit that fits the rim of the bucket.
2.  Zip ties
3.  Plastic buckets of course. H&O Plastics offer a wide range of colours and sizes.

Simply, drill tiny holes along the rim of each bucket and then connect each one together with the zip ties.  It's probably an idea to follow the drill patterns from the picture  in the link above to ensure you know exactly where to place the holes that will connect with the zip ties.

And that's it. Better than IKEA!

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