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Making battery recycling containers

An example of how we can rise to any bespoke challenge presented to us!
H&O Plastics are involved in many aspects of the plastics industry, beyond the pure manufacturing of plastic buckets and containers.  As we are more of a bespoke…

Buckets are the new baskets this Easter.

Easter baskets are overpriced and unnecessary. Decorating a plastic bucket is more fun, holds more goodies and costs much less.
At this time of year, hordes of people flock out in search of baskets to fill with Easter goodies for their kids, as is the tradition of course. But the more practically minded…

The advantages of Tamper Evident Containers

A brief over view of the basic elements of tamper evident containers and the industries they are often used within.
What does Tamper Evident mean? Firstly, it’s important to define tamper evident containers. The industry frequently uses the phrases “tamper proof” and “tamper evident”…