Plastic Moulding Company Contract Work

As one of the leading plastic moulding companies in the UK, H & O Plastics  are often called on, and have the capability to, develop products to match specific customer requirements.

For instance, we recently undertook a contract moulding project to produce UN containers that met E.U. regulations regarding the recycling of batteries.
These containers were developed with a major recycling group, and the finished articles can found in all major supermarkets, throughout the country.
It involved the design and manufacturing of a plastic moulding, together with a fibre drum, which was decorated to suit various major supermarkets’ logos and styles.
As well as the mould being designed for in-house super markets, it was adaptable for councils and outdoor users.

In recent years, our company has been involved with a wide range of bespoke plastic moulding, including the development of houseware, garden and baby products.

We have also been contracted to develop plastic containers that each feature a metal band securing them. This construction feature ensures the containers pass a UN test for export and this particular container had to be specifically manufactured so that it could be exported to all parts of the world.