25 litre Heavy Duty Buckets With Lids

H&O Plastics’ range of heavy duty Polypropylene (PP) containers are manufactured to hold their shape under the toughest conditions. These buckets have thicker walls and tougher joints, but just because we use more plastic, it doesn’t mean we compromise on the materials. We still use the same food-grade Polypropylene that we use in most other plastic containers.

These containers are used in lots of different environments and working conditions. Caterers, warehousing companies and heavy industrialists all like these buckets. The buckets also have flat bases which makes them useful as construction site mixing buckets and for use on fishing boats.

For when only the toughest will do

Everything we sell is manufactured by us in Merseyside. We understand the importance of protecting your products and making sure that they reach their destination in a good condition.

Whether it’s quick-to-spoil fresh produce or a nectar-thick liquid with the potential to make a big mess, our heavy duty containers give you extra piece of mind during transport and storage.

These heavy-duty plastic buckets are perfect for when only the toughest and most durable will do. Sturdy metal handles, clip-on lids and high-impact Polypropylene all come as standard. And there is a range of brand-matching colours available.

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20 litre blue plastic bucket with lid25l red plastic bucket with lid20l Green Plastic Bucket with LidBlack plastic bucket