UN Approved Open Top Drums

Open top kegs are designed to be particularly robust containers and they are mainly used for the transport of viscous material in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. As they are often used for the transportation and storage of dangerous liquids and materials, they must frequently be manufactured to UN approved standards.

At H & O Plastics, our blow moulded, open top kegs are perfect for use in these environments and can be supplied in the following sizes, 30ltr, 60ltr, 120ltr and 220ltr.  We supply them in one colour scheme; blue drums with black lids. As noted above, we can supply these as UN approved containers.

All our kegs have a plastic lid and galvanised locking band, which aids the security and safety of the container. As well as this, the packaging is designed to be suitable for recycling and it is manufactured from high density polyethylene. Our open top kegs, whether or not manufactured to be UN approved containers, can be safely manually handled. They are also safe enough to be handled and moved by fork lift trucks.