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Buying the right bucket for the job

A bucket is a bucket is a bucket... right? No, not at all. Very, very wrong.
As many as there are uses that you can conjure for a bucket (and boy have we thought of a few, here at H&O), then there will be a bucket to suit that requirement. …

Strong plastic buckets - construction and uses

An overview of the uses and construction details of our heavy duty range plastic buckets.
As you will see from H&O’s wide range of plastic (and metal) containers, we have the size, capacity and materials for every occasion.  Over the years we have offered a…

What are UN containers? (Part 3) Other tests.

The third part of our overview of UN testing. Beyond the drop test, there are other tests that a container must undergo before it can be UN certified.
Although drop testing is one of the most intensive tests that containers must undergo, it is no more important than the other stages in determining UN standards. Stacking Test…