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7 ingenious uses for a pail with lid - and without!

There's more to buckets and pails than meets the eye. Here are 7 clever ideas for using them around the house and garden.
More than standard pails, a pail with lid can be used for a multitude of domestic tasks. Here are a few of the more ingenious ones we've spotted whilst scouting the web.…

Ideas for Decorating Plastic Pails

A quick 5 step guide on how to turn ordinary plastic pails and buckets into something different you can use for special occasions, birthdays etc
H&O plastics supply plastic pails in a wide range of sizes and colours, including company colours. But sometimes, particularly in a home environment, you may want to…

What to consider when buying plastic buckets and pails.

A summary of the key things to consider when choosing a supplier of plastic buckets and pails, including flexibility, range and quality control requirements.
As with any commercial packaging, how good the plastic buckets and pails look is a fundamental consideration when purchasing. Whoever you’re considering purchasing from…