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Choosing and using charity collection buckets

November 18, 2014 at 5:49 PM

Getting out and about in the community you live, work and support is a brilliant way to improve the profile of your charity, engage members of the public, and raise vital funds to boost the valuable work you do.

It’s also the perfect way to get your volunteers involved in work that makes a real difference. By trusting them with grass-roots fundraising, you are showing that you are proud for them to represent your organisation, something that will inspire them and give them a real sense of worth.

charity_collection_buckets.jpgAnd not only is it a great way to raise money, it’s a brilliant method of spreading your message to a wider audience and a chance to give out more information to your supporters, new and old.

A secure collection

When it comes to collecting money, safety and security is your number one priority. That’s why having the right container for your collection is essential.

At H&O Plastics, we are dedicated to providing the best quality, most hardwearing buckets and containers available. To help charities like yours raise money with confidence and peace of mind, we’re delighted to announce our new range of charity collection buckets. These solid, lightweight and tamper-proof buckets are fully compliant and give you the security you need for your collection.

To help you make your charitable collection a success, we’ve created this simple guide:

Organising the right type of collection

If you are looking to organise a charitable collection, there are several ways to go about it. Each method has it’s own benefits and challenges, but before you get out there, please consider these simple rules:

Street collection – collecting money on the street is often the simplest, most effective way of raising funds. If you are planning a street collection, first you need to obtain a licence from your local authority, or if you are in Greater London, the Metropolitan Police.

Collections on private property – although places like railway stations and shopping centres are open to the public, they are actually private property and that means getting permission from the landowner or manager before you start collecting. 

Static collection buckets – If you are short of time or volunteers, placing a collection bucket in a café, pub or shop is an efficient way of raising funds that requires less effort from you. Make sure it’s an establishment that you know and trust and that your collection bucket is secure and tamper proof. In addition, it’s important to remember that many larger businesses have specific charities they support and so approaching smaller, independent businesses is often the best way to get a foot in the door. And always remember where you have left your collection bucket so you can go back and get it in the future!

Door step collections – going from house to house can be a great way to raise money, however, as with street collections, you must get permission from either your local authority or the Metropolitan Police before you can hit those pavements.

Before starting your collection, it’s important to know where you will be focusing on, the number of volunteers you have for the day, and how many tamper-proof collection buckets you will need.

Getting permission

To ensure that your collection is a success, first you must obtain permission from the relevant authority. Depending on where you are collecting, this may include your local council, the police or the owner of the property you are collecting on.

This will allow them to check your credentials and prevent any complications on the day.

Many of the larger charities hold an exemption certificate, which means they are allowed to collect in public without having to seek permission each time.

ID Badges

When out collecting money in public, it’s important that you and your volunteers have photo id badges displaying your name, the name of your charity and details of your licence.

Not only does this show the authorities that you are licenced to collect in public, but it also presents an honest and open image to potential donors. People are far more likely to donate money if they feel they can trust you.

A few final words

Running a charity is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life, but being prepared with the right equipment is essential. And with the new range of charitable collection buckets from H&O Plastics, you always get out more than you put in.

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