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What makes the best bait bucket?

July 30, 2014 at 11:45 AM

Picture the scene:  There’s a tranquil English river and you, a keen fisherman, are sat upon its bank.  Beside you sits your wrap of spam sandwiches and a thermos of tea.  Your rod is out into the river but the vacant catch net, dangling into the water, is evidence of the meagre showings, compared to your labours (after all, spam sandwiches don’t eat themselves, you know!)

fishing_bait_buckets.jpgJust then, a shadow glides past, just beneath the surface of the water.  It turns tail, then returns, interested in the bait at the end of your line.  Crikey, it's a Loch Ness monster of a fresh water bream....  the lads down the Red Lion are never going to be believe this one!  The beast approaches slowly, cautiously and THEN... just as it’s about to go for the bait, it sharply turns and disappears back down beneath the murky waters.

So what gives?  What happened?  Well I’ll tell you.  You are, agreed, in green waders and a brown waterproof jacket, camouflaged well against the riverbank.  However, for a bait bucket you are using an old plastic container from the house... and that’s bright orange, glowing like a warning light.  Boom... the one that got away.  Now the lads down the pub really will never believe it.

Of course from their position in the water fish can, indeed, see the riverbank.  And any bright or bold colours will frighten them away (as you now know to your cost).  What to do, what to do? 

Once again the humble plastic bucket is on hand to save the day.  Over the years we’ve brought you some fabulous ideas for using plastic buckets and this is another great one.  We have identified just the situation outlined above and come up with a solution.  Essentially if bold colours are the problem, why not create something neutral that will fool the fish... in fact, why not create a... camouflaged fishing bucket! 

Camouflage fishing buckets

The idea is so simple it’s brilliant.  As well as the usual bucket features - such as sturdy handles to enable easy carrying to the river, and a lid with no holes - the overall appearance of the bucket is olive green, with the sides formed of an English woodland pattern formed of bracken, twigs and leaves.  The look is designed to blend into the background and therefore not stand out when the fish are looking around.   The SAS themselves would be proud.

Check out and buy our camouflage buckets at our sister shop and give the fish no warning.

When the bucket outlives its secret mission usefulness, its utility continues, bankside – storing your fish, storing your beers, even turned over to form a stool.  Whatever you decide to do, make sure you go camouflaged... and bring us back a nice bit of perch!

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