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What is a tamper-evident container?

February 12, 2015 at 10:25 AM

H&O manufacture tamper-evident containers in a range of sizes, colours and shapes. Clients in the food business love them - and so do our customers operating in the chemical, paint and dye industries. But what exactly does tamper-evident mean?

Also known as tamper-proof or tamper-resistant, tamper-evident containers come with an in-built security feature that tells the end user if the contents of a product may have been compromised.

blu_bucket.jpgSafe tamper-proof containers for food

‘Tampering’ includes a range of malicious acts – from a delivery driver swiping some of your curry, to a terrorist poisoning your customers. Obviously, tampering is particularly concerning for businesses involved in sensitive industries like food production.

You may remember a number of cases where criminals looking to extort manufacturers began spiking baby-food with ground up glass, razor blades and even poison. In those cases tons upon tons of baby-food stock had to be destroyed, because there was no way of knowing if a particular jar was safe.

This is where tamper-proof technology is useful. If the baby food had a tamper-indicator like a plastic seal or ‘popping-top’ - then the supermarkets and the consumers would know which jars were safe and which were dangerous.

Tamper-resistant containers: fit for purpose

Tamper-proof technology has been around for centuries. The first tamper-evident technology was adopted by lords when they used melted wax to seal letters before sending them.

We’ve come a long way since then. H&O Plastic’s tamper-evident containers are injection moulded with high impact polypropylene, a food safe material. The container is fitted with a small piece of plastic which acts as a seal. The only way of getting into the product is to break off this plastic seal so the lid can be removed.

For a tamper-proof technology to be successful, a ‘tamperer’ must not be able to recreate the resistant seal. The BBC once ran a report on the ‘popping-top’ tamper-evident jar lids in which it demonstrated that the jars could be opened without ‘popping’ the lid – effectively undermining the whole technology.

With H&O products, there is no way of opening the container without breaking the plastic seal. And there is no way of reconnecting the seal properly once the lid has been removed – meaning that end users can be confident of a container’s contents.

For more information on tamper-resistant buckets, or to discuss the needs of your business call a member of our team on 0151 639 0002.

Or to buy tamper resistant containers in smaller quantities shop on our plastic bucket retail site.


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