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Plan a fun Easter egg hunt for kids

March 25, 2015 at 1:29 PM

Kids love Easter and between the time off school, the special Easter feasts, and of course the abundance of chocolate, it’s not hard to understand why.

But Easter is also a time for family. Easter Sunday is a great day to make new family traditions – and our favourite tradition? The annual Easter egg hunt!

It’s super easy to make your Children’s Easter that bit more special. And inviting other kids, or nephews and nieces will quickly turn you into Supermum.

easter_egg_hunt.jpgWhat you’ll need for a great Easter hunt

  • A variety of big and small chocolate eggs, obviously.
  • Maybe some plastic eggs to pop treats in (the plastic containers in Kinder eggs work well).
  • Several small (0.5L) buckets to collect Easter eggs in.
  • Craft supplies including card, sellotape and paint.
  • A pen and paper.

Set up a chocolate egg trail

You can inject some added fun into an Easter egg hunt by asking your kids to decorate their egg buckets before setting off. Get the creative juices flowing with paints, pens or anything else they want to use. A special prize for the best bucket is a great way of making it more interesting!

While the kids are pre-occupied with arts and crafts time, it’s a great opportunity for you to sneak off and hide some eggs unnoticed.

Types of egg hunt

There are several different types of egg hunt and which one you choose ultimately comes down to personal preference. Here are a few of our favourites: 

  • Classic free-for-all – hide the eggs where they will be found quite easily and let the kids loose. This works best with large groups of children.
  • Puzzle hunt – hide the eggs in more covert places and give the kids clues about where they are hidden. Clues could be anything, from little rhymes to anagrams. This works well for kids of different ages – give older kids different clues, or get them to work in teams with younger kids.
  • Treasure hunt – this is our personal favourite. It involves drawing up a map of where the ‘treasure’ is hidden and sending off your little pirates to find it (costumes optional).

Choose the right hunt site

Easter egg hunts are pretty exciting wherever they take place. Many parents choose to host them in gardens but, if it’s raining or there’s not much room, they can be hosted indoors instead.

Another great idea is heading down to the local park or woods. This can make for a more fun hunt, particularly if there are lots of children. Just be sure to specify a hunting area so your kids don’t go out of bounds.

H&O sell a range of small plastic buckets that are just perfect for Easter egg hunts. Get yours in time for Easter – buy online

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