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Plastic Container Gardening

May 24, 2014 at 1:02 PM

Veg growing is for everyone... even those for may think they lack the space and resources in which to garden.  Far from it - even if you don’t happen to be Monty Don, and possess his girth of garden or hair, there is still scope for growing veg.  And here’s how you do it:

plastic_bucket_gardening.jpgFirstly, you need a decent container.   And here’s the good bit: you really don’t to go out and splurge on a new, purpose-built container... a new large plastic bucket from H&O will do just the job.  Failing that, if you have an old one knocking about, why not give it a thorough clean and thereby a new lease of life as a container garden?  Alternatively, some container gardeners like to use growbags but these often don’t have the capacity for much compost and can be difficult to water.  Much better, then, to go for a large plastic bucket.  The polypropylene material will keep in the heat, ensure the compost is warm and encourage really strong growth.  Simply drill some holes into the bottom and you’re good to go.  Or should that be, good to grow?

So, you’ve saved on the container, but make sure you use what you’ve saved and invest in a really good compost – you won’t regret it.  Also, make sure you choose a decent spot for your urban horticulture, whether out back or out front, with plenty of access to sunlight and preferably south facing, to give your produce the best chance to shine.  Then all that you have to do is plant your veg seeds, make sure you regularly feed and water them, and let nature do the rest.  

In terms of feed, then, either add a slow release fertilizer to the compost before you plant the veg, or alternatively, use a liquid feed as and when you water the plants.  And these growing veg plants will need plenty of water in the summer months, so make sure you do give them a regular drenching, whether via a hose, watering cans, or more sophisticated irrigation system, should you really want to go for it.  Having said that, if your desire is to keep things simple, why not use another old H&O plastic container as a water butt?  That way you can collect the natural rainwater and then use that to water the plants, perhaps even with a low pressure watering kit, to link the two containers.

Then?  Well then you simply sit back down and enjoy.  Kick back and watch your vegetables grow.  Make sure your container garden is a feature of your patio or back yard, and perhaps even build a garden around it, with other buckets of smaller sizes containing other flora and fauna.  If you really want to make the veg feel good about themselves, follow Prince Charles’ advice and whisper sweet nothings into their (cauliflower) ears.  Then ask your friends round for dinner, invite them to admire your patio garden, and then enjoy your crops, whether salad, potatoes, or other vegetables, whilst you bask in the glory of homegrown and freshly picked produce.

So, even grey concrete is no obstacle... providing you have green fingers!

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