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Plastics News - Buckets of sunshine

April 11, 2012 at 11:07 PM

All over the UK this weekend, kids were braving the rain to join in egg hunts round muddy parks and gardens. And if they took my advice from last week and swapped their baskets for buckets, they would have ended up taking a bigger booty home with them.

The weather wouldn’t have put many off either -  if there’s one thing kids don’t mind it’s getting a bit wet in exchange for masses of chocolate. But in the USA they took it one step further.

The Palm Desert Aquatic Center, boasts three pools, and water slides. With the 90 degree sunshine, it’s no wonder it’s busy at spring break. But over the Easter weekend it was bursting. Literally hundreds of children carrying plastic buckets or bags, were taking part in a huge underwater egg hunt.

It didn’t take long to clear the pools and within minutes after the start of each hunt, the eggs had vanished from the pools and the kids were emptying their plastic buckets into huge kegs in exchange for goody bags filled with pencils, stickers and even healthy snacks.

It was always going to be a popular event and almost150 children had registered by 3pm on Saturday, with more arriving Sunday.

And there were no shortage of eggs to go around, with 500 plastic eggs for each of the three egg hunts. The younger children used their buckets to fish eggs out of the bottom a much shallower pool. Parents were allowed into the water to help.


The Easter egg hunt was a bit tougher for the older children, as each one had to use a float and paddle around in water up to 6 feet deep, trying to scoop the eggs into their plastic buckets,

One child on her second, and favourite, egg hunt of the weekend, summed it up,

“This one's in water and much more fun because you get to swim,” she said.

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