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Heavy duty buckets and pails - uses and features

September 11, 2012 at 2:39 PM

Heavy duty buckets are required for those jobs where standard plastic buckets and pails won't withstand the usage. For instance, they are perfect for those demanding jobs at work, on a farm or even at home - anywhere where repeated use and heavy going is the order of the day.


These, including metal buckets and pails are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of building site use and are strong enough to take a bucketful of wet, heavy concrete. The handles can take the strain yet are easy on the hands, some featuring a chunky and sturdy metal handle. The handle holders are designed to not pull out when carrying extremely heavy loads. It's also important that heavy duty buckets and pails are manufactured with a fairly flat base, as this makes them perfect for floor and building mixing products, such as concrete.

H&O Plastics manufacture a 25 litre heavy duty bucket with many of these features. They boast a clip-on lid and are produced from high impact polypropylene, which incidentally is food grade plastic. They are fantastic when employed in a tough handling environment and as far as mixing is concerned, they can make life significantly easier - propylene heavy duty buckets for mixing are built to give longstanding use. Not only are they the sturdiest way to transport big loads, they are also totally leak proof.

It's not just a building site situation that our buckets are used in. Many companies will accept nothing less than our heavy duty containers for packing their products and use H&O Plastics when they require the strongest and most durable containers available. Our heavy duty mixing buckets are manufactured in a range of colours to suit, including white, blue, black and natural and come with clip-on lids. We also supply a range of metal buckets and pails.

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