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New plastic buckets and pails - 10 gardening uses.

March 20, 2013 at 5:43 PM

We appreciate it might be a big ask to think of your garden when we remain in the last grasps of this latest winter.  Having said that, the crocuses and daffodils are making an appearance and March 21st sees the official arrival of spring.  Each coming weekend will now be lighter and warmer than the last.   
So this may well be the perfect opportunity to invest in some new plastic buckets and pails for your storage and food preparation needs, and then recycle the old ones out in your garden.  And here are ten top tips for you to take with you into the great outdoors, for the summer of 2013:

gardenbucket.jpg1)    If you don’t have the infrastructure for proper water butts, simply leave a 5 gallon metal or plastic bucket outside.  It will undoubtedly fill with the very best of British rainwater, which can then be reused to water the plants.

2)    Smaller buckets are perfect for planting veg in the greenhouse.  Fill with soil, drill holes in the bottom for drainage and try planting courgettes, pea or tomatoes.

3)    Containers that still have their lids are perfect for storing dry fertiliser, as they will remain watertight.

4)    A small bucket with a handle is perfect for carrying your tools with you.  Perfectly portable, you can carry it around with you as you move around the garden.

5)    If your taller plants lose branches, you can bring them back to life by keeping the loose cuttings in water in a bucket, rather like you might with cut flowers in a vase indoors.

6)    Plastic buckets are incredibly durable and can hold lot of weight.  They are therefore perfect for transporting material around the garden… from rock dust to rocks.

7)    You can use a plastic bucket to make your planting mix.  If you use a bucket with a lid you can also store it safely as well, for when it’s needed.

8)    Use a series of smaller buckets to sort out and categorise tools or seed packets in your garden shed or greenhouse.

9)    If you’re de-leafing plants, discard the unwanted growth straight into a plastic bucket and then use that bucket to transfer it to your compost bin.

10)    And if those plants that need leafing happen to have grown tall and out of reach, simply turn the bucket upside down and use it as convenient step.  You’ll be amazed at the weight they can bear!

As you can see there are no end of uses for the humble plastic bucket out in the garden.  If you’re not treating yourself to a new plastic bucket or pail, make sure they are properly cleaned inside and out; and just in case - ensure that buckets that have been used for chemicals are the ones you use for storage and transport, rather than growing plants.  
So invest in a new range of buckets from H&O, and breathe new life into your old containers out in the great British garden!

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