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New uses for plastic buckets & containers this spring.

January 22, 2013 at 5:32 PM

There are as many reasons to purchase plastic buckets and containers as there are lengths of string. However, beyond the more prosaic functions of storage and transportation, some bright sparks have come up with ever more ingenious uses for buckets, both new and used.

springtime.jpgFor instance, a whole past-time has evolved around cylinder, or container, gardening.  Essentially a garden-in-a-bucket, this enables people to grow their own, especially more urban gardeners who may live in flats and city centre apartments.

The benefits of homegrown, healthy food… and the pleasure to be had in watching it grow… are numerous and yet it’s simple to get going.  All you need is a window ledge… and your plastic bucket!  Simply take your bucket, remove its handle, then saw it in half (take care here, as a saw can easily slip against plastic) and you’ll also need to saw the actual bottom from your bucket.  Now you’ll have two separate containers, which you can stand on a firm board and fill ¾ full with soil.  Then, sometime in these coming months plant your seeds - whether veg, or perhaps herbs - and cover with a further light layer of soil.  Then… well then, all you need do is water your bucket garden, as and when it’s needed, and watch your homegrown produce grow as the weather gets warmer.

When it comes time to consume the fruits of your labours in the warmer months, you’ll find there are yet further uses for your plastic buckets or containers.  If you’ve taken your veg to a picnic, for instance, stop unwanted wasps gatecrashing by cutting a hole in the lid of a plastic container, then filling it with sweetened water.  Wasps will crawl inside and become stuck.  And as for ants?  Simply fill four plastic containers with water and place under each leg of the picnic table.  Simple, but effective, because they won’t be able to climb past.

From growing your own, to keeping the peace when you get round to eating it… everything is covered by the humble plastic bucket and container!

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