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Plastic bucket cleaning tips

January 28, 2013 at 11:37 AM

Plastic buckets and containers have many multifarious uses and applications.  However, whether for storage, for moving items, or even for food and drink preparation, one thing is sure to link every single bucket and container: at some stage they are likely to get a little… well, a little smelly.  In fact, some customers even choose to give their brand new plastic bucket a good clean as soon as they get them home, perhaps to remove the “plastic-y” aroma that some people associate with new buckets.  plastic bucket cleaning

We all know how hardy a material plastic is, but although the container itself may survive perfectly well for years and years, it’s more likely to be the contents within that create something of a whiff.  This is especially true if they’ve been left unattended, as liquids can, after time, leach into the plastic.  However, this should not be a problem, especially now that here at H&O, we have gathered some ideas and tips for the cleaning of your plastic container.

As a good first step, try a good cold water rinse, perhaps with an outdoor garden hose, bearing in mind (and perhaps counter intuitively) that it does have to be cold water, rather than the warm or hot water that will allow the aroma to stay within your plastic bucket.  While you’re outside, why not leave your bucket in direct sunlight, as the air and sun can combine to rid the bucket of any smells.  Leave the bucket for a couple of hours - a good airing may well solve the problem.  

If, however, the problem persists, we have some rather neat ingredients for you to try.  For instance, fill your bucket with some cold water but this time, add vinegar to the mix.  If you leave this solution of vinegar and water for five or six hours, you may find that it removes the problem, as you pour it away.  Alternatively, if it has helped a little, pour out the mixture and try repeating the procedure a couple of times, until the smell has disappeared completely.  Another useful material is bicarbonate of soda.  Mix a tablespoon of bicarbonate with some soapy, tepid water and fill your plastic bucket to the brim. Leave it to sit for as long as you can, perhaps overnight, and in the morning, give it a stir and then tip the liquid to see if the smell has gone. Again, this process can be repeated until the odour has completely vanished. 

Finally, another useful ingredient is vanilla essence.  You can use vanilla essence to wipe out your plastic bucket or container, or else fill it with cold water and then drip in a few drops and leave it for a few hours.
If you are really determined to clean your plastic bucket and rid it of any aromas, try a combination of these ideas, or even repeat them.  However, if the problem continues to persist, we have one very simple answer… peruse H&Os extensive range of plastic and metal storage solutions and treat yourself to a new one!

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