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Ten litre plastic buckets rescue airport from monsoon

August 30, 2013 at 4:43 PM

How comfortable would you feel checking in at an airport with a hole in the roof and a row of  plastic buckets collecting rainwater cascading through the roof? No nor me, but thats what fliers at Calcutta airport are met with on a rainy day. The aforementioned plastic buckets are positioned under the roof in more than 25 places around the airport terminal.

shutterstock_8087353.jpgObviously, you'd imagine that the Airports Authority of India would be concerned about the negative effect this may have on the passengers. You'd be right, so they sprung into action.

“Plastic buckets in an airport terminal look odd and passengers were also noticing and complaining about it. So we got wooden cases for them,” a spokesman said.

When the leaks started, employees grabbed bins and whatever they could get hold of to catch the rainwater, in front of bewildered travellers. Its all a far cry from the 'world class ambience' that the 180,000 square metre airport terminal was designed to reflect, built only six months ago.

The leaks are happening in multiple places and the buckets are positioned near check in, security, departure and arrivals - pretty much every key part of the terminal.

And this time of year, it really rains in India. Therefore they've had to use large, ten litre plastic buckets to cope with the deluge.

In response to the problems they're having, airport director B.P. Sharma suggested they were blameless as it wasn't raining when they built the terminal and couldn't have foreseen the problem - and in any case, 'its not as bad as Delhi airport'!

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