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Plastic buckets with tamper evident lids

September 05, 2012 at 1:07 PM

The phrase tamper evident is often confused with 'tamper proof'. These two very similar phrases actually mean totally different things.

Firstly, tamper evident indicates that it will be immediately apparent if anyone has tried to force-enter a plastic bucket, or at the very least interfere with it in anyway. This gives great peace of mind to a potential consumer as they can check to see if a sealed plastic bucket has been tampered with, or appears to have been. 


Tamper proof actually implies that it's impossible to access or break into the plastic bucket or container, with the only reasonable chance of breaking in by using a specific device, e.g. a screwdriver, sharp key or scissors. Obviously, if they went this far to gain access it would be instantly obvious that someone had been in, rather than just ‘evident’.

Tamper evident containers are used widely across the pharmaceutical and drug industry. For the simple reason that it's paramount that consumers are assured that the pharmaceuticals are safe and effective before they purchase. Most consumers within this industry seek to assure themselves that the drugs have been safely manufactured but they also need to feel confident that the product was fully protected by adequate packaging and transport, once manufactured.

H&O Plastics' tamper evident plastic buckets and containers have a key feature; a protective skirt around the top of the container. The advantage of this is that it prevents the plastic bucket lids rubbing against one other after they are stacked onto pallets and this ensures there is no loosening or lifting of the lids. This is particularly important when the products are being transported, ensuring the safety of the containers. 

Our tamper evident containers are also ridged which has the added benefit of making them ideal for hot filling and stacking.

Within our wide range of plastic buckets and pails, we manufacture and supply tamper evident, multiple use containers and buckets to be used in equally diverse industries, including the food industry, chemical, printing, vehicle and also for containing paint products.

Our tamper evident plastic buckets and containers only use high quality polypropylene and are also at ‘food grade’ standard.

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