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Plastic lidded buckets tidy your playroom.

April 17, 2013 at 5:24 PM

untidy.jpgKids, they can’t help but make mess. Playing is one of the most important parts of growing up, but can turn a clean, organised house in to a disaster zone. If you have little ones, you’ll know what it’s like to spend your time dodging toy cars and tripping over stuffed animals. And when it’s time for bed, it can be impossible to encourage children to help with the tidying. But what if you were to make it part of the game?

Buy new plastic buckets with lids for a fun, child-friendly storage solution for toys and games of every description. They are durable, stackable and wipe clean; they have leak-proof lids and handles for carrying; and best of all, they come in a range of bright colours and convenient sizes.

Ever stepped on a Lego block in bare feet? It’s not something to be recommended. As a busy parent, you need to be able to tidy up quickly, safely and with as little fuss as possible. When you’re following the inevitable trail of destruction left by your little ones, a bucket with a handle is the perfect tidying tool. Carry it with you and you can deal with the mess almost as fast as they make it.

Lidded plastic buckets offer a simple, cost-effective way to organise any child’s bedroom. Small buckets can be used to store pencils and crayons. A medium sized bucket is perfect for housing building blocks. And how about a large bucket for board games and puzzles? Your children can even choose their favourite colour.

Plastic buckets are incredibly hard-wearing, making them perfect for the rough and tumble habits of young children. You can drop them, bash them and knock them over without doing them any damage. And the toys inside stay safe. 

Kids discover the world through touch. Unfortunately, this often results in your house being coated with a layer of jam, soggy bread or mushy banana. When trying to tackle this sticky situation, buckets can make your life that little bit easier. Made of hygiene friendly plastic, buckets are wipe-clean, durable and largely stain proof.

There’s nothing children enjoy more than making a mess with arts and crafts. If you’re sat inside on a rainy Sunday afternoon, then get the paints, glitter and beads out and start creating. Plastic buckets are great for storing art materials, and because they are wipe-clean, you don’t have to worry about covering them in glue and paint. 

And when the little angels are finally tucked up in bed, and all of the toys are tidied away, pop the lids on the buckets and stack them neatly in the corner. At last, a clean, organised and peaceful house, until the morning at least…

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