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Plastics News - Old Buckets To Art

May 20, 2012 at 4:30 PM

Over in the good ol US of A, an Oregon artist has created several novel works of art using all sorts of rubbish collected from the ocean and beaches, including plastic buckets and bottles etc.

Angela Haseltine Pozzi's sculptures have now gone on display in an exhibition at the Chula Vista Nature Centre, California. The exhibition, "Washed Ashore: Plastics, Sea Life and Art" features a huge10 foot high fish called Henry, plus another dozen sculptures.

The idea behind these quirky pieces is to educate people, in particular the youth of the area, about how hazardous rubbish thrown in the sea or dropped on the beach can be to marine life.


 The artist managed to gather together 500 volunteers who then spent a year scouring 60 miles of the Oregon coastline. Incredibly,  they managed to collect 7000 lb of marine waste which, as well as buckets and plastic bottles, included plastic rope and netting, flip-flops, unwanted children’s buckets and spades, buoys and beach balls. Once collected, the rubbish was scrubbed and left to dry outside before either being chopped up or left whole, to form the sculptures.

As well as a giant fish, the exhibition also featured a large turtle, a sea lion and a jellyfish constructed from  plastic bags and old water bottles. There was even a twelve feet by ten feet, whale rib cage, built on a recycled steel frame and decorated with bottles and jugs.

Hopefully some aspiring artist might bring the idea over here and have a go at some of our beaches!

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