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Tamper Evident Containers in the Food industry

July 24, 2012 at 12:13 PM

More and more bakeries and delicatessens have begun using tamper evident containers, in their day to day stocking of fresh food. As well as them looking better than just standard plastic containers, they are designed to protect whatever’s stored within. Once the food or drink is sealed inside, it remains good and fresh until the customer opens it, breaking the seal. Obviously those used to store produce must be food grade plastic containers.

One of the great commercial benefits of using tamper evident buckets and containers is that they instil confidence and and peace of mind in the customer as they can see that the item they have bought hasn’t been interfered with; it’s instantly evident when you look at the lid.

Can’t picture one? If you’ve ever bought a fresh soup from Morrison’s or Tesco’s etc (not the cardboard Covent Garden style ones) you can see the plastic clips on the lids. In fact there’s quite a few different food son the shelf that adopt this security method; pasta sauce, ice cream and we’ll undoubtedly see more of this as supermarkets and food companies strive to improve the safety of their produce.

The knock on effect to those companies that aren’t using quality containers like these is that they begin to look less appealing to the buyer and even potentially unsafe. As people look more and more to food companies for assurances that the produce is safe to eat, use of tamper evident containers will become vital within the industry.

H&O supply a wide range of tamper evident containers, with lids, to the food industry, constructed in food grade, high impact polypropylene. As well as the standard colour range, we can finish them in a customer house colours to reinforce your branding.

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