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The advantages of Tamper Evident Containers

March 27, 2012 at 11:25 AM

What does Tamper Evident mean?

Firstly, it’s important to define tamper evident containers. The industry frequently uses the phrases “tamper proof” and “tamper evident” interchangeably, but the two terms actually mean very different things. Basically, tamper evident means that it will be clearly evident if someone has attempted to interfere or break into a container. This means that a consumer check a sealed pail to see if it has been messed with, or at least if it looks that way. On the other hand, tamper-proof is stating there is no way of getting into a container and some one who was really trying to, would have to use some sort of special device; a key or scissors etc. If they did this it would be more than just ‘evident’ that they had attempted to break into it.

Tamper evident containers for Pharmaceuticals

Tamper evidence is especially vital within the pharmaceutical industry. Consumers need to be assured that the medicines they purchase will be both effective and safe. Obviously this means that customers need to be certain that they have undergone a safe manufacturing processes but, equally, they need to know that their safety was adequately protected by decent packaging and transport.

H&O Range

Tamper evident, multiple use pails, are proving very popular within many other industries such as food, chemicals, ink, automotive and for use with paint products.
H&O Plastics produce these containers only using top quality, prime polypropylene. These buckets also have the added benefit of being ‘food grade’.

A key advantage of these pails, is the protective skirt around the  top, which prevents the lids from rubbing against each other  when palletised.
This means that there is no loosening or lifting the lids, which is of course vital when transporting with safety at the forefront.
Another key design element of these containers is that they are ridged which makes them suitable for stacking and hot  filling.



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