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Wholesale plastic food containers - key attributes

October 09, 2012 at 1:39 PM

Food standards agencies across the globe stipulate that those plastics involved in the production of food packaging should be considerably purer than those used in non-food packaging. We term this collectively ‘food grade plastic’. The quality of the plastic used is paramount and is only bettered by pharmaceutical packaging which must meet tougher standards.

So what are the key attributes of this higher quality plastic? Crucially, food grade materials cannot contain any dyes or be made from plastic that has been recycled from existing material that could potentially harm humans.


But, this may not mean food grade plastic has to completely steer away from using recycled plastics. Comprehensive regulations are in place concerning using recycled plastics in the manufacture of food packaging. As many plastics nowadays end up being recycled, the danger is it can be procured from all sorts of sources, dangerous chemical tubs, discarded bins etc.

There are other vital considerations to be mindful of when choosing wholesale plastic food containers. Ideally, an appropriate plastic should be used, dependent on what foodstuffs are being transported in the containers. For instance, if the contents are very acidic, contain any alcohol or certain types of fat, the food could potentially leach additives from the container surface into whatever food is being stored in there. So basically, only use plastics approved for the specific type of food it will be in contact with.

Industrial plastic food containers aren't just required for transporting food, it is also mandatory in most food preparation. One growth industry, in these DIY, austere times, is that of home brewing of beer, cider etc Many home brewers may be unaware that they shouldn't use an old bucket to make their brew. The reason is that the temperature the beer hits in the brewing process, when combined with the amount of alcohol in there, can mean the safety of the beer can be in jeopardy, unless food grade plastic containers are being used.

One final consideration, and one thats often overlooked, is that food grade containers need to be kept food grade. If it's ever used  to contain things like detergent or other chemicals, it effectively stops being food grade. A plastic bucket that was originally food grade, but subsequently is used for storing paint for instance, may only contain non-food materials afterwards.

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