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Why plastic containers manufacturers use plastic

September 26, 2012 at 12:17 PM

Back in the dim and distant past, buckets were only ever made of metal and even wood. Obviously metal is sturdy but its also expensive and wood, well…."There's a hole in my bucket, Dear Liza, dear Liza."


So using plastic to manufacture buckets seems the logical conclusion for cost effective products. There are also several other benefits to take into account.  

Farm Fresh - Plastic containers manufacturers create these containers with the ability to ensure food stays super fresh when stored, ready for cooking or reheating later. Look for one that seals airtight and you you should have no problems with the freshness, even a few days after packing. The smaller plastic buckets and containers can be light and easy to carry around. If the container is transparent, it also ensures its easy to identify the food contained within.

Shop Displays - A lot of the aforementioned transparent buckets and containers are constructed from food grade PVC or PET, available in a range of sizes. These are ideal for us in food stores to both ensure the freshness of the food yet simultaneously displaying the food to potential customers. These plastic containers can be manufactured in a multitude of shapes-  plain round, square, even hexagons and barrel shapes.

Super-durable - Another reason for using plastic is its exceptional durability. Plastic buckets can take a good amount of being knocked about and still look reasonably new. Moreover, they can take considerable impact without breaking. This also means that when they are stacked on high, they can take the weight, assuming the plastic is of a decent thickness.

Cheap as chips - ?Plastic costs far less to manufacture containers in, compared to wood, glass or metal and they also benefit from the economies of scale, ensuring the end cost is lower.

Highly Recyclable and efficiently produced - ?Plastic is widely recycled, should a bucket outlive its usefulness. Additionally, some manufacturing processes have become more efficient and companies are able to use less plastic in the production of the buckets whilst keeping the finished product of equally high quality.

As well as our standard trade and bulk orders, H&O Plastics now offer plastic buckets for sale in smaller quantities via our online store.

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