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Tamper evident buckets and containers - peace of mind for many industries.

February 20, 2013 at 11:09 AM

shutterstock_11073025.jpgIf you've been browsing our website, you may have come across our range of tamper evident buckets and containers. You may also therefore have wondered what exactly a container can do to show evidence of tampering?

Through clever design, a tamper evident container will show if a person has tried to forcibly access the contents within, or at the very least made some inroads i.e. interfered with it. So why would this be important?

Certain industries rely on tamper safeguards such as these, none more so than the pharmaceutical industry. Peace of mind is vital for consumers purchasing medicines - secure in the knowledge that their pills are going to be effective and, of course, safe.

And, although there are stringent regulations in place to ensure that pharmaceutical products are manufactured safely, it's equally important that safeguards are in place when the product leaves the factory. Tamper evident containers protect while the products are in transit or begin stored,

Tamper protective containers within the industry can sometimes be referred to as “tamper proof” as well as “tamper evident” interchangeably. However,  they actually mean something quite different.

Tamper proof is a further security assurance and implies that it's extremely difficult indeed to gain access to the contents of the container. Someone attempting to force their way in would require a specific tool for the job; sharp implement, key etc. By the very nature of using something like this to open the container, it would make a significant mess of it, and be more than merely 'evident'.

H&O supply tamper evident containers to many industries as well as pharmaceuticals. Any industry where the contents are likely to have a safety conscious aspect to them, such as the chemical and paint industries, will need these safeguards.

The food industry requires containers that are not only safe from tamper but also safe to keep foodstuffs in, i.e. food grade containers. Ours are manufactured from high quality polypropylene
?Another important feature is the protective skirt we add around the top of the bucket or container. This ensures the lids do not rub together when added on a pallet. If they did, it could cause the lids to loosen or even lift, exposing the contents.

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